Our Board


Jamie Caines '21

I am a junior studying Bioengineering, S.B. with an electrical subtrack. I'm from Boston and grew up dancing, which I've been able to continue at college. Entrepreneurship and innovation, particularly in biotechnology, is super interesting to me, and I hope to start my own venture at some point. In the meantime, I try to stay current on all the awesome things people are doing with medical imaging and machine learning!

Vice President

Sofia Martinez '22
Applied Math

Hi! I'm from Austin, Texas and love swimming, reading, math and movies. I am super excited to be a part of the SWE board this year, it's going to be amazing!


Katie Barkin '22
Mechanical Engineering

Sponsorship Chair

Daniela Villafuerte '21
Electrical Engineering

Hi! I'm a junior studying Electrical Engineering. I live in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico but I am happy to call Harvard my second home. As a woman in engineering, I believe in the unique perspective women can bring the areas of STEM and the contribution it gives to areas that strive to improve quality of life. I enjoy traveling the world and in my free time you can find me either dancing or hand lettering!

Publicity Chair

Danielle Davis '21
Electrical Engineering & Music

Hi! I am a junior from Long Island, New York pursuing a joint study of Electrical Engineering and Music. When I am not working on a problem set or debugging a circuit in lab, I am performing as a cellist with groups across campus or at the New England Conservatory. Some of my favorite things include baking with my friends, fostering faux succulents, and making cold brew coffee.

Community Outreach & Diversity Chairs

Rebecca Thrope '22
Comparative Study of Religion

Originally from Westchester, NY, I hope to utilize my engineering degree in a career in alternative energy. When I'm not psetting or attending awesome SWE events, I spend my time engaging with environmental justice and DIB-related efforts on campus. In my free time, I love to dance, sing along to showtunes, and cook. Connect with me about sustainability, events you would like to see, or anything else!

Soyoun (Soy) Choi '23
Biomedical Engineering

Soy Choi is a first-year residing in Hurlbut hoping to pursue a concentration in Biomedical Engineering with a secondary in Government. She comes from Melbourne, a beautiful beach town on the east coast of Florida. Soy truly enjoys playing golf, tennis, violin, and viola. With a passion for egalitarian education opportunities for all students, Soy hopes to reach out to underprivileged communities in the area with fellow council members and peers to instigate positive change. At Harvard, Soy is also part of the Undergraduate Council (UC), Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra (HRO), Harvard National Model United Nations (HNMUN), Harvard Crimson, and Institute of Politics (IOP) STEAM & Education Policy.

MakerGirl Chair

Jessica DeVilla '21

Jess is a junior from Long Island, NY studying Bioengineering with a secondary in Global Health and Health Policy. While she’s not in class, or in lab, you can find her dancing as a member of the Harvard Crimson Dance Team. On campus, she’s also involved with Harvard Ventures and the Harvard College Impact Investing Group. In addition, Jess loves to sing and play with her dog, Rocco. She’s excited to start working with SWE this year!

Career Development Chairs

Arielle Rothman '21
Biomedical Engineering

Hi! I am a junior from Long Island, NY studying biomedical engineering. I am passionate about medical device engineering and I am currently working on creating an implantable, soft robotic chemotherapy delivery device. I joined SWE when I first arrived on campus as a freshman and I have really enjoyed being part of this valuable organization.

Jothi Ramaswamy '23
Applied Math & Computer Science

Jothi is a current first year who plans to study Applied Math and Computer Science. In her free time, she enjoys participating in Harvard College Bhangra, going for runs or watching Netflix. Jothi is also part of Harvard College in Asia Program and HackHarvard. She is excited to join SWE's board this year!

Eshika Saxena '23

Maegan Jong '23

Membership Chair

Sydney Mason '23
Electrical Engineering

I am a first-year student from Toronto, Ontario. I plan to concentrate in Electrical Engineering and hope to eventually work somewhere in the world of tech! I am interested in computer science and aerospace and everything in between. When I'm not doing PSet's I love to ski, paint and do photography. SWE has been an amazing experience so far!

Freshman Representatives

Maycee Wieczorek '23

Maycee is a first year from South Dakota who plans to study Bioengineering. She is involved in HCES, iGEM, Strong Women Strong Girls, and the Bach Society Orchestra, where she plays viola. In the future she plans to be involved in research exploring the intersection between botany and medicine.

Helen Mehreteab '23

President Emeritus

Andrea Rodriguez-Marin Freudmann '20
Mechanical Engineering

I am from originally from Toronto, Canada, but I have made Boston (and Harvard!) my new home. I love mechanical engineering and I want more women and minorities to realize how much potential they have in the field. After graduation I want to go to do research, ideally in an interdisciplinary field where I can apply engineering skills to a larger scientific project. I fell in love with the mechie life despite having no experience with it pre-college, and I think more people should try it out!​