Our Board


Andrea Rodriguez-Marin Freudmann '20
Mechanical Engineering

I am from originally from Toronto, Canada, but I have made Boston (and Harvard!) my new home. I love mechanical engineering and I want more women and minorities to realize how much potential they have in the field. After graduation I want to go to do research, ideally in an interdisciplinary field where I can apply engineering skills to a larger scientific project. I fell in love with the mechie life despite having no experience with it pre-college, and I think more people should try it out!​

Vice President

Cathy Wang '20

A junior from the San Francisco Bay Area, Cathy studies Bioengineering S.B. with a secondary in Computer Science. She loves restaurant hopping, petting dogs on the Quad Lawn, and dabbling on the piano. She is intrigued by the applications of biology and hopes to pursue a Ph.D. after graduation to further knowledge in biomedical fields to improve medicine and human health. On campus, Cathy also leads the iGEM (synthetic biology) Club, dances with the Asian American Dance Troupe, and conducts hydrogel research.


Leatrice Bulls '20
Mechanical Engineering

I am a Junior at Harvard College studying mechanical engineering with a secondary in computer science. I love encouraging and supporting women and girls to get involved or stay involved in STEM, which is why I am super excited about our newest outreach program working with Makergirl, a nonprofit dedicated to girls in STEM! In my free time I love to figure skate, explore Boston, and bake.


Iulianna Taritsa '20
Biomedical Engineering

Sponsorship Chair

Jamie Caines '21
Biomedical Engineering

Biotech is life! I absolutely love the entrepreneurial scene of Boston, especially biotech. I'm an alumna of BLS, and my favorite fruits are strawberries and oranges. You can often find me knee-deep in problem sets, or else dancing with Expressions on campus. I love cheesy inspirational quotes, and have a juniper bonsai tree at home. Live, love, STEM.

Community Outreach Chair

Michelle Walsh '20

Events Chair

Grace Eysenbach '20
Electrical Engineering

Hi! My name is Grace Eysenbach, and I'm a Junior studying Electrical Engineering (A.B.) with a Secondary in Psychology. This is my second year on the SWE Events Committee, and it has been so much fun planning activities for SWE. Past events have included a Black Panther Movie Outing, Pottery Night w/ MIT SWE, and Intercollegiate SWE Dim Sum. If you have any ideas for events you'd like to see or would like to get more involved feel free to reach out!

Publicity Chair

Jessica Klusty '20

I’m a junior at Harvard studying Bioengineering and Global Health and Health Policy. In addition to my role at SWE, I am a board member for MakeHarvard, a House Advising Peer, a course assistant, and a mentor for high school students. In my free time I enjoy nature (one item on my bucket list to visit every national park) and photography (I own a concerning number of memory cards).

Website Development Chair

Daniela Villafuerte '21
Electrical Engineering

Hi! I'm a sophomore studying Electrical Engineering. I live in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico but I am happy to call Harvard my second home. As a woman in engineering, I believe in the unique perspective women can bring the areas of STEM and the contribution it gives to areas that strive to improve quality of life. I enjoy traveling the world and in my free time you can find me either dancing or hand lettering!

Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Liaison

Rebecca Thrope '22

Originally from Westchester, NY, I hope to utilize my engineering degree in a career in alternative energy. When I'm not psetting or attending awesome SWE events, I spend my time engaging with environmental justice and DIB-related efforts on campus. In my free time, I love to dance, sing along to showtunes, and cook. Connect with me about sustainability, events you would like to see, or anything else!

Career Development Co-Chair

Arielle Rothman '21

Hi! I am a sophomore from Long Island, NY studying bioengineering. I joined SWE when I first arrived on campus as a freshman and I have really enjoyed being part of this valuable organization. On campus, I conduct diabetes research, volunteer with children fighting cancer, and dance ballet.

Career Development Co-Chair

Jasmine Schlichting '19
Applied Physics

I have taken 2 years off of school to work in various capacities. Honestly, that's all I can think of to say about myself because sleep >>> hobbies. Former Varsity now living the NARP life. I'm also working at Microsoft as a PM full time next year.

Freshman Representative

Esther Koh '22

After my studies, I hope to be working in the industry as a bioengineer with a synthetic biology background engaging in biotech start-ups. Ultimately, I would like to specialize in a STEM field and pursue management or leadership at the forefront of revolutionary bioenergy research and development. I’m a major fan of movies, music, and essentially all forms of media. You can also find me hiking or sketching famous landmarks in my free time.

Sophomore Representative

Jessica DeVilla '21

Jess is a sophomore from Long Island, NY studying Bioengineering with a secondary in Global Health and Health Policy. While she’s not in class, or in lab, you can find her dancing as a member of the Harvard Crimson Dance Team. On campus, she’s also involved with Harvard Ventures and the Harvard College Impact Investing Group. In addition, Jess loves to sing and play with her dog, Rocco. She’s excited to start working with SWE this year!

Conference Chair

Nicolas Weninger '20
Electrical Engineering

Nicolas is a junior studying Electrical Engineering. Hailing from London, he hopped the pond and joined the board of SWE in his sophomore year. When he is not slaving away in the engineering lab or socialising with the engineers, Nicolas can be found trying to distract others from their work, basking in the little sun we get here in Massachusetts and writing pretentious things about himself in the third person.

Member at Large

Sofia Martinez '22
Applied Math

Hi! I'm from Austin, Texas and love swimming, reading, math and movies. I am super excited to be a part of the SWE board this year, it's going to be amazing!

Board Member At Large

Taisa Kulyk '22

Hello! I am a freshman interested in environmental engineering. I am a part of Green'22 and studio art club and love dancing with Harvard Ballroom, beekeeping, and Tatte.

President Emeritus

Allison Tsay '19
Electrical Engineering

Allison is a senior studying EE. When she's not working on her thesis, she enjoys running, exploring Boston, and strumming out tunes on her ukulele and guitar.